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Becoming Conscious in What You Create in Every Moment

"From the perspective of the ego, you are separate from everything so there is the assumption that your actions have no impact outside of this moment.

But when you recognize everything is one consciousness, then you realize everything you do inwardly and outwardly has an impact.

If your attention is invested in thoughts & actions of conflict, self righteousness, revenge, arrogance, selfishness, disrespecting others, blaming others then you are moving yourself away from love.
When you give your attention to empowering your ego, your sense of me, you are empowering the feeling of being separate and therefore you move into greater unhappiness & conflict. That is the outcome.

Where as if these negative thoughts arise, and you surrender them, you don't get involved with them but let them go, you are surrendering ego, you are surrendering your sense of separateness and moving deeper into oneness.

If your attention is on awareness itself, on love, on peace, on respecting others, on surrender, on spiritual practices or techniques, then your attention moves into the oneness that is at the source of everything. You feel the ever deepening vibration peace.

This seems quite self explanatory but so many get caught up in investing attention on egotistical things and then wonder why life has become so miserable.

Thinking patterns that move from one conflict and judgment to another and then the result is unhappiness, an unhappy life.

And then you feel like a victim, which is just another trick of the ego.

Most of our negative patterns are habitual; automatic. We are either not conscious of them or if we are, we justify them; we give them a reason, an excuse, which only gives them more power.

So it is very important to become aware of your thought patterns.
Not to try and control them, just to be aware of them. To be conscious of your thoughts, conscious of your actions.

I am not talking about positive thinking over negative thinking as positive thinking can also empower the ego.  Rather, I am saying become sensitive to what you are creating in every moment.

Are you empowering the ego, the sense of 'me' and thus closing the door to your heart,
or are you willing to be open, humble and vulnerable to this moment; to make this moment a meditation or act of devotion and surrender deeper into peace and oneness.

Unhappiness arises because our attention is habitually fixated on it. That is why mantras, japa, meditation techniques that you can do anywhere and keep you focused on peace can be very powerful tools.

It takes a big commitment to surrender the ego, that sense of being right, that sense of making everything about 'me.' To surrender that to peace in every moment.

But the result is you learn that you can create a life of bliss.

You can turn every moment into a meditation.

Much love,


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