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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

"If you watch your thoughts,
you will see that a lot of things
you claim you want,
you don't actually want.

If you are hungry, you desire to eat.
When you eat, that desire is fulfilled.
That desire was true.

But if you are not hungry
and you still desire to eat,
there is no truth in that desire.

When you eat, you won't get that
feeling of fulfillment you had when you were hungry.
You will only feel unwell from overeating.

A lot of wants are like this.
The thought comes that you want it,
but if you actually fulfill that want,
you realize you didn't really want it.
Indulging in it actually made you less happy.

Because these wants are not
there for fulfillment,
they are there only to escape this moment,
to escape the intensity of this moment.

Because there is the intensity of being
in this moment.
It is peaceful, it is blissful
but if you remain in being
it becomes intense.

The energy of being
becomes so strong and gigantic
that the sense of 'me' wants to avoid it;
wants to escape it.
Being is pushing against this me,
consuming this me.

And so the mind
is constantly hatching escape plans:
ways to distract yourself from being.

A big part of spiritual awakening
is about learning to remain
in the intensity of being.
Learning how to function in it,
learning how to live in it.

You begin to eat lighter,
exercise more
even think less.

Because you find involvement with thoughts
rubs against the enormousness of being.

Being keeps expanding and expanding
so there is no room for anything else.

So you surrender the thoughts.
You surrender this me
so that there is only being,
there is only consciousness here.

You automatically learn to surrender
the separation because there is just
too much pressure to keep existing
as something separate from being.

But if you really look without
the ego/thoughts getting in the way,
you will find that this intensity of being
is pure joy.

The joy is so strong
it is impossible to contain it.

It is infinite joy,
limitless joy.

That is what this intensity is
and when you recognize
that it is joy
life becomes pretty amazing.

Much love,


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