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Experiencing Consciousness as Limitless

"Try and feel this moment.
Not emotionally, not mentally,
but through sensation.

That does not mean
feeling your bum on the chair
because that is thinking.

You are thinking
'my bum on the chair'
and that thinking
is getting in the way
of actually feeling this moment.

So close your eyes, relax
and notice the sensation
that you are existing.

Without thinking about it,
just feel yourself existing.

Let your attention
rest in this feeling of existing.

Take away your thinking;
take away your definitions,
descriptions, judgment and memory,
and all that is left is this feeling
of existing.

This feeling cannot be taken away.

If you are feeling it,
you will feel that it has no boundaries,
no limitations, no solidity, no sense of time,
no sense of a personal 'me' and
no sense of separateness.

Only in thinking do these
things come about.

Stop using thoughts to perceive this moment
and there is only existence,
only consciousness.

Now I call it existence
but that is only to point
to the experience.

The moment you label it
The Self, Being, Existence,
the mind is trying to grasp it,
trying to know it,
trying to put it in a box.

The thinking 'me'
is trying to hold it
in its mental perception
and in doing so loses it.

But if you let go of these definitions,
then what is here is limitless.
This experience that we are calling
existence expands and expands
beyond all comprehension.

It ultimately expands to the point
where nothing can be said about it
as it sucks up all words and understandings
like a black hole.

The moment the mind labels it,
then it becomes a thing
that does not expand.

But just by letting your attention rest in it
without letting thoughts define it,
then it is limitless.

It moves you into unmanifest consciousness,
the ever expanding infinite silence
that sucks up everything and dissolves
everything into itself.

Limitless, ever-expanding consciousness.

Much love,


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