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Believe Again

Gather the bitter Disappointments
And the ancient hurts of the heart.
Heal the Broken Wings of the Earth Bound angels,
And Believe again

Gather the sad reality
Of the Earth’s misdirected illusions
And set the lifeless dreams free,
And Believe again.

Long have you tried to protect your heart.
Long has the doorway to true Love been closed.
And yet, Once again Life Calls you
To believe again.

If you can but try to Love Life
With the Sweet unconditional Love
That God allows each Soul.
Then you can forgive your self
So that you can Believe again.

Believe in the power of Redemption.
Believe in the amazing Grace
Of the Holy Spirit, to bring you to
The acceptance of God’s Love in your Soul,
And in all Souls.

All the Angels of the Lord reach out.
All of the Prayers of the World
aid in the Salvation that God’s Love Brings.

So Hold on to the Power to Believe,
Hold on to the Power of Love.
Release the Pain and suffering of the World.
And hold the Vision for a transition to a new and Better day.
Where we all Believe again.

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