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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.


Your deepest Core of Security
Is your inner connection to God.

The knowing of the Love that is living there,
Is your lifeline on this Journey here on earth.

The Blessed Teacher and the Masters of the One
All have had to set their compass
Through the world
Following their faith and devotion to God.

You are not alone on this Journey.
There is a radiant stream of Angels to protect you.
And the ones who have walked this path
Have cleared the way with Light.

Let your Life’s purpose be fulfilled.
Let the dreams of a Lifetime Blossom
Into flowers left at the Alter of God.

And when your faith is Strong
You can wear it as a cloak of Protection.
And when your Love is Alive,
You can let that be the nectar
From the Chalice that nourishes your hungry heart.

And when you listen in silence,
You can hear the Heavenly Choir Sing the Songs of Praise,
To inspire your soul to carry on.
And you will be lifted with the inspiration
From the highest source.

So give thanks for the Journey’s blessings.
And walk with the Grace of Knowing
I am with you all ways
Even to the end of time.

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