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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

First Flower

First Flower of Spring
With the Joy of such Clever Innocence.

Sweet Fragrance of Hope
Come and Renew our Hearts.

We wish to believe in the Holy Purity
That brings the baptism of Love.

We wish to Let Go
Of all the Struggles
With Darkness and Doubt.

Bring us the Breath of the Blessings
That gives us Wisdom
With the Bliss of Knowing
Our Rebirth into your Light and Love.

Lead us through the threshold
To where we remember our Soul’s Promise
To be the Light
And to Open our Hearts
To God’s Love always.

Let us Be the Blessings
Of your Divine Gift
That lives eternally
With such great radiance
In our souls.

We thank you for the Flowers of Spring
We thank you the endless blessings you bring.

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