Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

blessings that i rarerly sin

blessings i am few criminal much victim

blessings i have seen the filth and broke the chain of evil

blessings none sees me...blessings noone believes me

blessings having lost with words but having won with facts

blessings i have nothing to care but my soul

blessings i have nothing to heal but my health

blessings that through my healing you'll be blessed

blessings that i saw parent's broken hearth to see the mighter heart of GOD

blessings that i have been the main receptor of my own sins

blessings that sold what needed by soul at a just price

blessed my nature oriented to goodness

blessed i use my force to keep a fortress 

blessed i use my engineering to build something good

blessed i have the perception of  danger

blessed shamans like Carlos

bless who understands when to give up

for more 

bless who speaks in parables to be clearer

bless to have suffered to be now invincible

bless to whomesoever waste time spying

cause i know without seeing ..... i am 

aware of being aware....blessings to my mind 

that at night rigenerates......blessings to sound inspired which inspires my thoughts

blessed who criticizes me to see me making better

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