Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

from a distant corner

your ideas need order

you passed there million times

of her you didn't realize

you feel disoriented

but in her face the answer is tender

tremendously simple but cares to herself

the fashination of natural beauty

to conquer her hearth is my duty

conquer not to despise or just to hook

but for making a promise of eternal love

only not to hurt her i am in concern

fidelity no gealosy but the faith on her face

her body needs hug please wait for her heart to beat

it's like wonderful fairy tale that doesn't leave you sick

i would wait some day to start the game

difects are to face but onsider with her i'll be changed

it's a game in which the weapon is compassion tenderness faith

a war struggling egoism, not putting words or facts in her mind

just a sort of waiting not only for her conquering and stand still

but to start a love that never ends, to take her in the hands

the softest kiss: not a word miss but still talking a little bit

i have found her in a eye of a needle in the eye of the storm

now i know for whom i'm reborn, my feelings reckon

give time, wait only to eternal love i will obey,

i will talk to your angel to state why you are so tender

i might find other words but now i expect to love you with facts

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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on June 28, 2015 at 12:47pm

Now you think i Will tell that love doesn't exist anymore

That i Will live without experation in love

That i Will be disillused for my love Have bene abused

I am afraid from love which comes from fear from religion attachments

From accomodation arrangements from fear of being alone

I would long for a love too great and big to know jealousy

I would avoid the type of love because you don't have other choice

People in the name of love steal or without working live

I long for a world where the fact you are kind to everyone

Doesn't oblige you to love noone, a world in which you like many ones

But notwithstanding she is unique for you without ending up to be a fool





Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on June 26, 2015 at 1:36am

corruption is the dress of the witch

in multiple position, million eyes but she isn't a bitch

they think to rely on the fact i was weak

spend some time together, it would be better?

if corruption stops for fear, will be mine a conquer being to her near?

if she doesn't like the game would be right for her to live for my fame?

the simpleness is a complicated way to solve articulated problems step by step

would it be right a woman can meet a man only for sex? or to win simply a bet?

would it be right for a virgin to be voted to a life of obligations only for a man?

the answer shurely shold be never breed to stop mankind from suffering so bad

would it be safe and right to procreate than going on to play a fake game?

would be easier to pay for sex or paing with the blame for your entire life

for your surrender to procreation tied?

would be better false love rather than being grown?

do you prefer i am able to built a story to tell or the story itself?

do you predilige the prodige i can do? or the fact i can do it?

do you prefer the things people tell of me or what i tell by myself?

do you watch what i do for you? or want to know only what i have?

the maximization of attraction is realized when there's a balance

between appearence and being, having and existing?

it has more sense struggling for your own defense

or try to help who has received an offend rather to create a  new life intent.

Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on June 25, 2015 at 9:58am

The easier way you enter the harder to come out the situation

The other and harder way is to create a family

But might be easier to let oneself permeate by the stream of love

It s strange how making love can pass through corruption

You woman nurture who is weak if is a son

But elevatewho is strongif it s a man to marry

You nave got to. Choose between the eternal companion

Or let be chosen by many companions


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