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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

H i,..'hope your day's good,...i'd like to share some positive energy with you ,..if i may .

'last sunday i attended a local jam session,..'things were in full flow on arrival,.& 'happy nods' were exchanged between musicians, & crowd .
I found my usual place to stand,..'a clear view' ,..but also private,..
....'before i knew it "can we have mr lloyd anderson up to the stage?,..'Lloyd anderson",..--followed by a noticeable rise in volume,..& smiles of expectation .

Any 'tuned in' musician should know that no matter how many times one is asked to perform,'s still a great honour,.......'but it does come with a mixture of 'comfort zone, & 'lions den' ha,ha.

I usually choose the same two cover versions,...(1) because i'm known for, & expected to sing these,..(2),. because the musicians feel reasonably comfortable playing them , ( 3),.'both songs have great emotional power, & honest messages,...
...oh the songs? ;aint no sunshine' by bill withers,..& 'superstition' by stevie wonder .

I'm very lucky to have strong improvisational abilities, it's never the same on two nights.
I started 'aint no' saying " this is for my angel,..& your angels,..can you see them?"..some people said "yeah"
It would be no overstatement to say that these kind of intoductions are extemely rare at most gigs,..& i enjoy the ripples from them .
'My angel' refers to "EVE" my beautiful daughter who passed on recently (14),...her lovely interruptions continue to inspire, & guide me .

The song was met with thunderous applause,..but more importantly,.a diffrent 'note' from the crowd !

Superstition was a huge vibe also, in the space of two songs, i'd really 'touched', & 'been touched' .
Upon walking back to my place, 'several pats on the back, & comments came my way,..& one girl said she was moved to tears during 'aint no', !
The gift of spiritual energy is offered at the 'point of performance','s how one channels this,...'you have to be ' inside the song ' ( whether it's 'your own',...or one which you make your own ! ),...& i always find that 'after performing ',... it takes me a little while to come back ' into the room ' !

I hope these words can find some parallels with 'your energy',...& what you choose to do with it ?


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Comment by AkashicWreckage on March 25, 2009 at 7:21am
LLoyd, thank you so much for sharing with us----the gift your spirit and the gift of the spirit of your incredible daughter!
My heart is with you, however, I'd like you to know that I've been uplifted by the power in your words...
Blessings and peace,


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