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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Hi ,..'as i sit here looking out to my cherry blossom tree i'm reflecting on our roles in 'nature' .

'We' sometimes pride ourselves on our 'superior intellect',.but choose this over ' gut feeling,..'instinct',..'inner voice'-,.....whatever one chooses to call it, .
We often have 'the answer 'there inside' ,..but will choose to invent 'options',..which only serve to confuse,..over 'the knowing' ,..the 'already learned' which sends signals to us free of charge !

I know it's good to refrain from rushing in,..but if we listen to this voice, ,it will allow us the time we need .

Where does this 'negative reaction ' come from ?
It's not as some would suggest a 'natural reaction' , only has to see children ( the unspoiled ) , & how naturally
'wise, & 'positive' they are .

I know the ' heavily weighted media ' is a huge factor ,....who's behind this ? is set up to 'confuse', 'downtrodd',..then to 'sell' !

What about The news ' ?,...should it not be ' Some bad news ! ',..who decides that this beautiful place should be seen in such a negative light ?

It has to be 'at least' 100 to 1 the positive things over the negative on this planet ?,...why do we have to take this imbalance of 'independent reporting ' ?

These 'organisations' should be 'accountable',...they rain down 'partial truth' on us,.. then hide behind corporate doors . !!

We are told that people don't like to read or hear good news,.."it dosen't sell newspapers ",..well,.. tell that to the billions of people who are lifted by 'disney films for instance,.....are 'they' holograms ? !

The effect of such reporting is to 'magnify' & 'distort' what the main energy is,..which is ' loving people ' who 'despite' this lie,...'still keep positive,... & make a positive difference .!

LOVE will prevail,..the conciousness of us all is 'growing' far faster than the media can do,...i see it everywhere,..
check it out on this site !

What can we do to add to this ?,....well,... just like the flowers about to reveal themselves on the cherry blossom tree,...'WE' can bloom for the world to see, 'inspire' with 'our beauty',.. & ' spring after spring ' 'return to spread 'joy', ... illuminosity,...& .. ' our message ' of positivity !!

Shine !

Lloyd *

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Comment by Shelly Bright on March 30, 2009 at 2:12pm
Lloyd it is great to hear your heart sing we are born and our program begins and we go to sleep to wake up is my goal i have been on a great course this week end just to see my programing so it is profound for me to read your blog now i will go to your song

love shelly
Comment by Joy Hart on March 28, 2009 at 9:09am
Right on! That's what I'm about too!
Keep shining!


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