Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Claim the power


The Greatest Power that comes from God,

Is simply being Love.


This is the Power that has driven the world,

And forgiven the Pain caused by a slowly

Evolving humanity, that has been in

darkness but is emerging to the Light of a New Day.


Claim the power of Love as your own.

Let this Gift guide your Life

And lead you til you become

 the Living Light of God’s Love.


For it is love that is the World’s soulution.

It is love that has Drawn Humankind to the greatest heights.

And it is Love that will Lead us from the shadows,

To the Brilliance of a new Day.


And it is our Love for God and the Son

 who brought it to us, that gives us the power

to  understand the Divine Plan

so we can fulfill our Purpose

in our time here on Earth.


And it is the Power of Love

That will guide us to the

Gates of Heaven,

To merge with the Source

Of this Love when our Journey here is done.


So Be Love, Share love, and receive Love, Beloved.

For you have the Power to Be the Living Light of God’s Love

If you so choose, in every moment, with every breath

With God’s Amazing grace while here on Earth.

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