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The Chamber of the Lord


Sweet Lord, Lead me to the Chamber

Where it is that you abide.

In the deepest Silence,

Let me find this place inside.


It has been called a Palace,

A kingdom beyond compare.

But the Beauty that is found there,

Is a Love that you do share.


There is no greater Gift,

Than Living with your Blessings,

It is the Purest Energy,

That truly makes my heart sing.


Let me find a way to hold the Light,

In my body mind and Soul.

So I can Shine God’s Love forth,

 To those who seek to know.


And in the Deepest Place within,

I meditate on you.

And I’m given glimpses of the Glory,

Of what you came to do.


It’s up to us to live the Love,

God Planted within you.

It’s up to us to be the Light,

And share the way you told us to.


So we can plant the seeds

In the Garden here on Earth,

So the Blessings of God’s Paradise

Is alive in our rebirth.


It’s up to us to find the Way,

To make the choice and do,

Everything we can to Awaken from this dream,

And complete the journey home to you.


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