Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Claim your true destiny


Claim your True Identity.

Claim the Soul’s true light

Here the calling of the One.

Who stands with you

Through the longest Night.


Through all of the trials of time

Through the weaving

Of this world’s strange dream.

There are always the Silent Ones of God.

Who in silence the truth redeem.


The energy of the Universe

Can feed even the hungriest of Souls

The ones who set the Stage for God

Always know how to play their role.


And here the earth’s sacred ground

As we approach 7 billion births,

 There are many here to teach us

To bring heavens ways to earth.


Lead us to the greatest good,

Let us understand,

Every single moment is a chance

To save this precious land.


Integrate the Masters way

And let God’s grace be known

In all the ones who work so hard

To save this place we call our home.


Now is the time to come forth

And Claim your destiny.

And here the calling of the soul

To let’s God’s Love set us free.


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