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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

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If you come to me with an open Heart

And trust with an open mind,

I will be there with you

And love you’ll always find.


If you are as a little child,

 with the beauty of the world

 fresh in your eyes.

Then you have a way to see

 the true reflection  that illusion can’t hide. .


So rest in me when you are weary,

Call on me when you are lost.

Let me be the Beacon in the dark

Let me be in your heart.


It’s time to let the innocnece be free,

It’s time to live the hidden dreams.

Its time live the Magic

The good that’s within you and me.


All the blessed angels,

Open up their wings,

And surround you with the peace and love

That their blessings bring.


The gift oft a true love,

Is what God has for you.

It’s ok to just believe

And let that see you through.



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