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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The world's eight species of bears are in desperate need of psychic support and healing energy. Six of the eight species are perched on the brink of extinction due to human activities related to habitat loss and illegal trafficking and trade of bears and their body parts.

We burn and clear forests for personal gain. When bears search for food because they can no longer find it in destroyed habitat, we call them nuisances and cry out in fear, “bear-human conflict!” and then kill the hungry bear. We kill the babies too.

But sometimes we don’t, and then the orphaned cubs live in terror and agony trying to survive. Unless rescued through an act of humanity, the orphaned cubs eventually succumb to slow painful deaths through starvation. Others freeze to death without the warmth of their mother, and others, while roaming fruitlessly in search of a dead mother, become prey for other large animals.

Other people poach bears for the benefit they gain from the lucrative black market that supports our penchant for Asian medicines and desire for “food delicacies” and foolish entertainment. We kill bears for “sport” and hunt them down as “trophies” to strip them of their skin. We consume excessive amounts of energy, an action that melts polar ice caps -- the one and only habitat for polar bears.

And in the process of satisfying our insatiable appetite for self-indulgence, we reduce the one thing on Earth that sustains us all: biodiversity.

Please help the bears through your actions, thoughts, prayers and meditative practices. They need our intervention if they are to survive. To learn more about the plight of the world's bears, please visit Ursa Freedom Project.

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