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Conscious Music That Inspires Teens In Mentoring Program

In the past several years hip hop, and rap have paved the way for teens to vibe through a different sound. The creative music wave that would change and, influence our young people today. Filtering graphic material that serves as a mentor to our youth and, has designed a hopeless picture for society. Conscious Music Songstress, Milliea McKinney and, 5 Time Award winning Music Promoter Pat Melfi, are now using the concept to their advantage. With reverse psychology they hope to use positive music to change the industries view on music warning the industry of artist and songwriters to be sensitive to their listening audiences. In doing so Conscious Music Entertainment, has taken on an idea to mentor the youth, through music and, concepts. Last week Milliea, introduced her project mentoring Josie Passantino, helping Josie, live her dream to be a songwriter and, singing artist. As you may recall Josie, will had her debut record release .Meet Lenore Luca, another incredible humanitarian teen, an advocate for teen homelessness and, a very successful web radio host, with her very own show ‘Teen Groove On The Move’ now being mentored to live her dream. Lenore a pianist, and all around talent her voice being her best instrument, in that she is grounded determined and, confident. Loved by her family, who give her sound advice and, support. Something that has been slowly diminishing in American families today. Communication and, respect are vital if families are to survive the hardships of the economy and of life. Lenore, is blessed. She can be anything she wants to be especially her own voice. And her voice is what she hopes to use in her pursuit of her own magazine and reality show to go along with her already successful web show. Her idea is to view life and the pursuit of happiness through consciousness. music, conversation, and media. Bringing these concepts together equals empowerment to succeed. Lenore, who has designed her own magazine, and is currently working with Milliea, to launch her magazine and, to plan her Reality Show [ title to be announced at a later date.] Lenore, already experienced in communicating, interviewing compelling guest from all walks of life who carry various status. Her likable nature and, love for humanity makes it easy to chat with people and she loves being the one to ask all the questions. Her natural ability to use her voice is definitely her ticket to success and the voice for the future. When asked, what her goal was Milliea, responded besides making lyrics positive and initiating respect back into society through music. Mentoring one teen at a time. If every one took one youth and mentored them our future would look brighter crime would go down and change for the better would filter into society. Now that would be music to the ears of Melfi, and McKinney as they hope to inspire and teach through the concept of music as their resource…

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