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Musicology Records…A Message The Power Behind Music.

Milliea Taylor McKinney, is an accomplished award winning songwriter and music professional. Owning various companies along the way, and sharing partnerships Milliea’s, experience has earned her high regard and respect as a music industry guru.

‘Coming from Northern Kentucky as a former educator, Milliea, fell in love with the industry; promoting, publicity, songwriting, and artist development are but a few of the hats she wears in her extensive journey of accomplishments.

Her current company, ‘Musicology Records’ is on a mission to educate artists in ‘The Power behind the music’ and empower a world of music with positive lyrics to “inspire and create positive opportunity that is productive to humanity…inspired to protect children’s innocence…” That is not all she is also, hoping to educate the artist and musician’s on the power of influence they have to their audiences.

Understanding the whole concept of how music works is the first step to being a great artist!

Knowing how to play or read music is a standard for most artist but understanding the frequency of sound and how to write music that speaks to the heart is a whole new art!

Then there is the understanding of words and their power to speak life into any platform whether it be culture, society, behavior, heart, mind, and even thought patterns.

It is our hope at Musicology Records that we represent the true gift of music and educate those that love what they do and that they do it responsibly!

Milliea aka Mia Taylor McKinney

Milliea Taylor McKinney, is an International Award winning songwriter her accomplishments range from her contributions as a successful songwriter & author and accomplished violinist.

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