Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

now we are her in this community with the main intent of raising good vibrations.

don't write and escape, don't ignore other's people content.

We are here to grow.........don't be afraid to show your intents, don't be unpatient to reach your goals. but at the same time take the time to listen for others.   Revelate your dreams.

Don't make an effort to be presentable. Be more spontaneous.

Why do we fight to be presentable giving a distorced image of ourselves.  let's be "naked" hearted infront of reality.

Don't do things only for raising complicity. Do things because you're inspired.

No comment doesn't mean you are saying obvious things or adding no good content but means people doesn't take the time to modern life we are too busy in doing one thing that we forget the others.

In theese moments we have to be very close to one other.

Ok god the shift has begun but too many people are dying for freedom and for natural disasters.

Let's make a chain to help each other.

Friends from Japan communicate with us connect to this community! 



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