Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

we are about to experiment a slow down motion but also an acceleration.....

I think lower frequency is love......the higher frequency is the financial illusion that carries people to run for money.

Love is walking not is taking sweet time with your loved ones........

If rich people would be able to donate money, if ealthy people would be able to dedicate their time, if wise people could donate their wisdom, in the world would naturally circulate goodness.

It's like learning to fly, live into a new dimension, take a deep-dip in the water......

Soon we'll be able to communicate in a multilevel way, "we'll hear sounds emotion all at once" like in a predeath state.....but the good thing is that we'll be alive and will be able to act......

it's like living with eyes open a beautiful dream......this dream is love.......

love without the illusion to live an illusion because all of us will love everybody.

the easier thing won't be live for ourself but living for the other human beings.

theese are very simple words but i clearly see that things just now things are beginning to be in such a way. 


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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on July 7, 2011 at 11:40am
love comes from knowing that every moment, every person in your life is special.
Get ready to love all mankind in a variety of manifestations and just smile.
Smiling is letting people know you are able to simphatize with compassion and to listen to their needs.
In everyday life and in our professional life let us be the best ever.
Let find us peace that comes from settling down with loved ones.
there's a world to heal.
two paths are available one of fear and the other one of joy......
stronger people are likely to generate light for others so that fear disappears.
let us find the keys to harmony.
But is there a distance from self-excess and success?
self-excess is something that leads us to the seventh skies but does not uplift other people.......if people recognize in us light this also implies for us success....
but what if people doesn't recognize it? we have only built up one self-excess.
Emptiness is not to be our dimension so let's believe in something.


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