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Discount offer and new products on Eco-Minded site

My dear friends,

Since the launch of Eco-Minded site in November 2015 we greatly improved the accessibility of the site and brought the number of products up to 346 in 12 different categories. Below are a few exciting moments we want to draw your attention to.

1. A wooden handle for Russian flat-cutters (ploskorez) is available now, please check this page for details and to make an order: I have to admit that posting an oversized handle (130 - 135 cm) means a lot of trouble for us (we have to post it separately and for this - to arrange, to sew a special bag - they don't offer it at the post office, fill in some additional legal papers etc), and also significant extra cost for you. But nevertherless we decided to meet your multiple requirements and create this option on Eco-Minded site.

2. Please check our new item: Su Jok therapy set in Body/mind healing kits section: - simple and useful tools for pain and stress relief.

3. We are offering 2 discount coupons for the Summer season: - Get 5% discount for any order exceeding 100 EURO - the coupon code: Summer-5 - Get 10% discount for any order exceeding 200 EURO - the coupon code: Summer-10 Enter your coupon code in the box and click "Save". Look for details please on this page:

4. A quick and simple PayPal Express (One step) payment is available now. For more details please check this page:

5. Quick registration and login on Eco-Minded site is now available via one of the 5 social networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. For more details please see this page:

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