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Experience Kumar Alzhanov's Mind-Blowing Ringing Cedars Artwork!

Dearest friends, introducing the mind-blowing canvas prints of Kumar Alzhanov's Ringing Cedars-inspired artwork! This legendary artist from Russia has taken the world by storm with his deep, vibrant, and inspiring creations. His incredible talent has even graced the covers of the brand new Russian editions of the Ringing Cedars books. Check out what he has to say about himself: …


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Family homesteads- the way to brighter future!

Homesteading, my oh my, it ain't just some way of living, it's a whole way of life, my friend. It's all about rollin' up your sleeves, putting in that elbow grease, and showin' Mother Nature some serious love and respect. It's a dance with self-sufficiency, sustainability, and livin' in sweet harmony with the land and its goodies. Now, don't you worry, it ain't all rainbows and butterflies, it can be quite the adventure, but let me tell ya, it's also…


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Discover the Power of Nature: Natural Products for a Healthier You

Greetings, fellow inhabitants of our beautiful planet!

Welcome to, a hub of natural healing wisdom and your ultimate destination for all things natural. We believe in the power of nature and offer only the finest products sourced from Mother Nature herself. Say goodbye to the burden of artificial ingredients and embrace our vast selection of organic and…


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Ecominded Spring sale: upto 40% off !

Hey folks! Huge Ecominded sale is announced in May 2023: 30-40% off for ALL cedar products (oils, nuts, resin, etc): Would you take this offer? If you are into #healthy #sustainable living, I guess, you would! :)…


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Body Self-healing Technique - personal experience

Dear friends,

In my new article I am sharing my personal experience in self-healing and self-restoration of the body which turned out into unique and effective Body Self-healing Technique: - enjoy the story and feel free to share it as much as you want!…


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Stealth Hobbit Home in winter

Stealth Hobbit Home in winter. Please learn more about it here:…


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Please support our Dream Home creation

Dear friends,

This year February 1st we are celebrating 10 years of our small family reunion. And all these years roaming from one rental housing to another, we have been dreaming about our own home. Within the last year we purchased a land plot and managed to build a house with upto 60% construction readiness. Please watch the video…


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Eager for truth? Join Telegram!

There are not many places left in the world where you can get the truth about Russia and what really happens with Ukraine nowadays. One of this places is Telegram messenger ( If you are eager for the truth please join my group on Telegram, called Eco-Minded Club: …


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Biomimicry stealth hobbit home!

Hey folks, my friend Alosha, a Bio-Architect, spent over 10000 hours on redesigning an EarthShip, fusing it with Permaculture, Sacred Bio-Geometry and 5G protection. He is starting 2X 3 month long video training programs, with weekly ZOOM support sessions. More details and videos of his "stealth hobbit" home creation available here: - if you like it please share…


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Gift ideas for Christmas

Dear friends,

I should like to take the liberty of sharing some gift ideas for upcoming Christmas:

1. Russian doll Matryoshka, 5 items in each set (all holding cats): - are not they beautifuL? :)



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Facts and F.A.Q.s about Russia

Hey folks, some of my friends keep asking what life in Russia looks like. So I put my answers in an article and hope you will find them useful and interesting:…


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Garden Master Course - pledge now!

Paul Wheaton just launched a new Kickstarter campaign and you are not going to want to miss this one! He's making videos of his acclaimed Garden Master Course with instructor Helen Atthowe. The rewards for his Kickstarters are notoriously generous - the earlybird rewards alone are worth 200 bucks, and it only takes a dollar to get them all. Get it all here:…


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Echinacea - to treat cancer and other diseases

Dear friends, please be aware about this unique herbal remedy: Echinacea purpurea. The whole plant, from roots to flowers is beneficial for humans with a great healing effect, often compared to ginseng. Echinacea stimulates immune system, reduce the amount of blood sugar, treats infectious and inflammatory diseases, restores psychological balance, it is recommended in the treatment and prevention of cancer and the list of its applications goes on and on... You…


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New reality is coming!

Dear friends,

Today we are witnessing dramatic changes of the world economic system bringing about serious challenges and new realm of possibilities that may change your life forever. Some of these possibilities are presented in my new article: -…


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Trust nature and be healthy!

The energy crisis raging in Europe has even affected the fashion and needs of the French. In the upcoming autumn-winter 2022/2023 season, Russian felt boots may become the national footwear in France, where the demand for such products has risen sharply (the source). So what are you waiting for? Grab your pair now:…


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Wonderful world of Zdravoye!

Wonderful world of Zdravoye (Sane) - relatively new but fast developing ecovillage of Kin's domains in the South of Russia, founded mostly by entrepreneurs, please enjoy this 3 min. video:…


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It takes friends to build a Dream Home

Dear friends, since the end of last year we are in the process of creation of our Dream Home. I made a couple of videos and thought you might be interested to see them: . Enjoy the story and if you are willing to #support our family, please use donation links in the article and/or spread this message online - any #help would be greatly…


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Learn how to design in 3D & draft your own blueprints for a DIY home you can afford to build

Dear friends,

Last winter, when temperatures dropped to -25 C° a visionary from the cold northern world developed a masterpiece online training that teaches how to conceptualise, design and draw an off-grid, solar passive and self heating Earthship hybrid. He utilised low tech materials such as super/hyper-adobe bags, tires, bottle bricks for the walls and thin clay tiles or ferrocement for the vaulted catenary…


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Building a better world in your backyard instead of being angry at bad guys

Dear friends,

Please check this amazing, life-changing book:

Building a Better World in Your Backyard takes a look at some of the things that the average person can do, right where they live, to help mitigate world problems, save money, and make their footprint on the…


Added by Yuri Smirnov on July 19, 2022 at 5:30am — 1 Comment

New reality: alternative views and news.

My dear friends! There is an old proverb: "God forbid you to live in times of changes". The fact is that our old familiar world is falling apart before our very eyes and new reality is being created... Some visible signs of new reality we formed in a series of short notes that you can check here:…


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