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Learn how to design in 3D & draft your own blueprints for a DIY home you can afford to build

Dear friends,

Last winter, when temperatures dropped to -25 C° a visionary from the cold northern world developed a masterpiece online training that teaches how to conceptualise, design and draw an off-grid, solar passive and self heating Earthship hybrid. He utilised low tech materials such as super/hyper-adobe bags, tires, bottle bricks for the walls and thin clay tiles or ferrocement for the vaulted catenary roof.

Alosha is a natural building teacher and is currently constructing a prototype of this buriable home. Due to the sheer amount of practical experience, he shares some down to Earth principles and know-how as well as what to avoid when designing a home for your specific climatic conditions.

In his Bio-Veda 12 week online live class you will learn:

- the theory, mechanics, physics and design inspirations
- How to draw on graph paper, with pencil, compass & ruler
- how to model the same home you drew in 2D, now in Rhino 3D

Please check out Alosha's online course and remember to mention "Yury Smirnov" - in "How did you find out about us?" or enter the promo code YURY - to receive a free video lesson on how to build a DIY food growing garden tower, powered by red worms ( .

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