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Paul Wheaton just launched a new Kickstarter campaign and you are not going to want to miss this one! He's making videos of his acclaimed Garden Master Course with instructor Helen Atthowe. The rewards for his Kickstarters are notoriously generous - the earlybird rewards alone are worth 200 bucks, and it only takes a dollar to get them all. Get it all here:

Most master gardener courses offer extensive botanical and cultivation information, which is great! But they also teach that you must use all the bottles and sprayers containing nasty stuff and covered with warning labels, which is not so great - for the gardener or the garden.

Helen Atthowe has been doing this for decades, growing millions upon millions of nutrient-dense calories, for herself and also for the commercial marketplace. She has studied with the great Masanobu Fukuoka (One Straw Revolution), and built upon his mind-blowing approach to growing systems.

This course implements the very best of the Advanced Master Gardener curriculum and improves upon it, employing biological and ecosystemic methods to eliminate the need for conventional (or even certified organic) pesticides and herbicides. Gardening for the future! The class sells out every year. Demand keeps growing. So last year they filmed the thing so more people could benefit. Crystal clear picture and audio puts you in the room with Helen, the guest instructors, and your classmates.

Get the whole Garden Master Course at your finger-tips.

Pledge here:

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