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Discovering the Radiance of Being in Meditation

"One of the greatest things that can happen
to you on the spiritual journey
is you lose the will to keep going forward.

Because the mind is always going forward.
It is always seeking the next task,
the next accomplishment, the next attainment,
the next object of desire.

This is how we maintain our sense of self.
Like a carrot dangling in front of us,
we are always chasing the next thing.

Even in meditation,
it is looking for the next experience.

But what happens when we stop going forward?
What happens when we lose the desire
to keep going forward?

That sounds like giving up, doesn’t it?
It sounds dismal.
Because if we stop going forward,
we are left with what we are;
how we are in this moment.

We are robbed of what may be in the future
and are left with what is.

But if you do find yourself
falling into this moment
and you let yourself fall,

you will discover a whole new reality.
You will discover the radiance that is this moment.
You will discover the peace that is the foundation of this moment.

There is no purpose to it. It is just radiating.
Eternally radiating. &nbspYou discover timelessness.

And although the mind may say ‘I don’t like this’
because it's not moving forward,
your whole being feels alive
in a way that it did not before.

Your whole being radiates energy;
radiates life itself and you are this radiance.

Then you see consciousness
is not something to do, it is what is.
It is the radiance that is this moment.
You become meditation itself.

Much love,


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