Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

"This moment is radiating out of silence;
out of peace.

No matter what is arising in this moment,
it is radiating out of silence.

When you are quiet enough
within yourself, you become aware of this silence.

You become drawn into it,
absorbed into it.

And eventually you will realize
that everything is this silence;
is made of this silence.

It is all one.

But we get caught up in the noise.
The understandings, the knowledge
the drama, the opinions, the judgments.

Humans generate so much noise
and when we identify with the noise
as who we are, we lose awareness of the silence.

So the answer is to allow our own noise to be.
To stop looking for more noise, to create more noise
and just allow the noise that is already here to be,
without judgment, without resistance..

Because everything is silence.
And when we allow the noise to be,
it can settle back into its essential nature of silence & peace.

Much love,


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