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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Many are beginning to think they have some divine purpose to fulfill. Permit me to suggest that purpose has more to do with their own expansion than anything they add to the world.

Don't get me wrong. Service can be a good thing.

I for one have long advocated seeing our lives as about more than the chase of desires or struggle for survival. Stepping outside our own concerns to lend a helping hand, create a vision, or make a difference offers a sense of fulfillment that can otherwise be lacking, not to mention make a much-needed contribution to build a better world.

Often, though, our own inner conditions can distort the call to serve. We humans have a wonderful way of twisting the originating intention into something quite unrecognizable, setting in motion dramas that can easily lead us into a black hole of struggle and sacrifice.

What once may have been a simple idea intended to bring a little more peace or joy into our own lives can trigger a quest to make some grand contribution to change the world. So instead of finding peace, we embark on a mission that can take us in a thousand different directions, each one with its own set of challenges to meet.

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A lawyer by profession and spiritual teacher by avocation, John Dennison is a voice for peace in our lives and world. He holds out a vision of a new world and how to get there from here, empowering those working to build it move through the obstacles that hold them back. Along the way, John challenges the beliefs and practices holding in place a status quo that keeps bringing us more of the same.

A prolific writer, John has authored "Whispers in the Silence -- Living by the Light of Your Soul," is a nationally-published poet, writes for several magazines, blogs at , and speaks to lay foundations for a better tomorrow. He can be reached through his website at

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