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Divine Purpose or Divine Drama?

Many are beginning to think they have some divine purpose to fulfill. Permit me to suggest that purpose has more to do with their own expansion than anything they add to the world.

Don't get me wrong. Service can be a good thing.

I for one have long advocated seeing our lives as about more than the chase of desires or struggle for survival. Stepping outside our own concerns to lend a helping hand, create a vision, or make a difference offers a sense of fulfillment that can… Continue

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Transcending the Health Care Debate

This article was originally intended to respond to Dr. Dean Ornish's article in the Huffington Post on Transcending the Health Care Debate, but was too long for them. So I've posted it here, in hopes it can provide a counterbalance to all the craziness going on now.


Dear Dr. Ornish:

You have been an outstanding advocate for reversing… Continue

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Living in a Multi-Dimensional World

Duality is on its last legs. The increasing polarity that fuels our battle of opposites is unsustainable, much like a rubber band that is being stretched past its breaking point.

We see its effects everywhere as the extremes struggle at every turn, unable to compromise on even the smallest point and willing to fight to the death to get their way.

Yet, those extremes are becoming less and less relevant to the sense of knowing it unleashes within us that there must be… Continue

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