Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Duality is on its last legs. The increasing polarity that fuels our battle of opposites is unsustainable, much like a rubber band that is being stretched past its breaking point.

We see its effects everywhere as the extremes struggle at every turn, unable to compromise on even the smallest point and willing to fight to the death to get their way.

Yet, those extremes are becoming less and less relevant to the sense of knowing it unleashes within us that there must be another way.

The energies of change are bombarding our world, and creating the circumstances ripe for it to happen.

Look at the news. Warring factions fight tooth and nail over the direction of our world, unwilling to consider that their conflict is helping a growing center realize that the answer lies less in either more conflict or the proposed solutions than in changing the process of our governance and conduct of our common affairs.

The triumvirate of big government, big finance and big business work together to buy off large blocks of the electorate and stack the deck to perpetuate their ability to pit us against each other.

But big is not better in the world ahead. For big often comes with unwieldy structures that cannot be maintained in a time when energies are accelerating, not to mention big bailouts and widespread hardship when they fail.

Consciousness is expanding everywhere, making peoples around the world reluctant to live under the thumb of anyone any more, much less the systems and institutions that have wielded power for so long.

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