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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Does God Love you


For in this world there is so much that we can fill our time with

that we can really avoid the void, and in that void are the questions and the secrets that our soul must know.

And also one of our deepest fears, that we are not really lovable.

That we are not innately good.

And part of us is never really certain that we are loved for who and what and who we really are.

For so much of ourself works so very hard at being

What we think will be lovable, what will be acceptable

That we think we have fooled others into loving us.

And so we test our love,

And we put our love through impossible trials,

And in a way the world did this with Christ,

Ok , so you say you are God’s Love,

Well, will you love us if we crucify you?

And still he forgave us, and said Yes, I love you.

                 So than the world could embrace him, as it does with all

Of the martyrs we have killed and then say,

 “Now you are worthy of our love.”

aha so it is best if you die tragically to be really loved.

But can you just believe, You are Lovable, I am Love, I love you.

Have a little faith, Because you don’t have to be a celebrity or a martyr to know in your Heart of hearts you are loved.

And if you Love your are Experiencing Gods’ love

And if you are loved you are feeling God’s Love.

And on this long and winding road that brings much

 pain and suffering, Still  grace can come through some small opening, and Your Spirit is alive

and with every Breath a chance is there that some dream

of love may redeem and allow you

To love as God loves you.

To be loved as God loves you.

To have hope that in the void you avoid there is redemption.

For miracles do happen, and they can bring the gift

of God’s love to you in millions of ways.

For you are the living love of God,

and there is an eternal Light that Burns deep in your soul

 that leads you to the source of all love and light.

And God is alive and with you always.

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