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The Magic of the Spirit


Oh, the sweet Love the breath of Spirit Brings,

 yet how do you hold these invisible gifts of such fine offerings.

They come in moments of stillness,

That are woven with golden threads that Love can bring,

And yet they are captured with of the fibers of Life we recall

It is hard to hold onto these gifts that answer only to Heavens Call.


Would you capture and angel, to put on display,

Would you cage the brave phoenix

that needs to rise to Heaven to be free to there play,

Would you fly across the universe to see where they live,

Or just leave the cage door open to come back to you

When they feel the love your heart gives.


And they can love as you love with your unlimited soul,

And they do not need bridge to cross to your earth below.

For with this spirit there is no way to be captured or controlled.


Yet you can soar with the angels

And fly oh so high, and somewhere remember

These gifts that you can not deny.

You can watch in wonder and in such awe

At the miracle of life and the way love calls.


So embrace your journey through this time and space

And live your life and the lessons that life always brings,

And when an angel comes to your door, listen with your heart

And leave open the door.

For these moments of magic that the spirit brings

Are beyond the efforts or your offerings,

Just a dance with God to heavens sweet song,

Just a moment that comes to you as a breath of Love

Here and then Gone, with just enough promise to lead you ever on.

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