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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The Impossible Dream


For if you Love me

Love as I do.


For If you Would Carry on the work to be done,

Begin with yourself.

Begin with your family and those close to you.

Begin with those you would have lifted to the Light.


And Send your light out to the World

And see the world as Being Transformed

By a Loving network of Light.


Imagine the World as It someday will become.

With the ones who serve God

 Working together in peace and harmony.

Working together for the good of all people.

United in the One Love

And the One Heart

And One Breath of God’s Spirit


Believe this to be possible.

Hold this in the Light.

See it. Feel it.

And let it be.


For there will come a time

When this will be so.

It may seem an impossible dream,

But with God’s love

 the time will come when this Impossible dream

 will become the Awakened reality.


So plant the seeds of Hope and

Plant the seeds of Love,

And  believe with all your heart and soul

And then one day,

One bright and glorious day it may be so.

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