Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

There is no Perfect Love,

For Love carries all of the Very elements

Of Who you are,

Love is all inclusive in accepting

God’s energy working through you,

When you say Yes to Love.


Love is a redemptive, radiant force

That allows us to give and receive

And to be open to Believe.


God’s Love works though all the imperfections

Of the Human experience.

And When the Christ choose to embody God’s Love,

The Power of the redemption of humankind

Was offered to Earth.


We can choose to follow in the Path of this Love,

With great awe at the gifts it brings.

Always being given the choice to forgive,

To accept and to Love.

Always asking for the Light of the Highest

To bring the eternal Flame

Of God’s Truth to our Journey.


And though the journey is Long,

It is full of Blessings and Wonder.

This living Love is a gift of God’s belief.

It is the Vision of the Masters who have seen the Dream.


So do not limit this Love.

Do not limit the Good that can be done on this journey.

For there are so many Wonders at work here.

And there are so many Miracles happening here.

And there are so many dedicated servants of the Way at work to bring the World to have the Power to say Yes, to Gods’ love.

And when you believe this you join with the legions

Who bring Love and Light to the World and to God.

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