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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

My Russian friend Alosha Lynov is an eco engineer, inventor, builder and teacher who gets his inspiration from mimicking Nature’s Genius.

After 12 years of learning from Water, Natural Building and Permaculture Wizards, he is creating a wave of intentional communities based on Cooperation and Natural Law !

I would like to invite you to Alosha's complimentary eco community and Permaculture In Action Class where he will share 9 pillars of successful community design and present their team's design for a 250 acre property in the South of Russia.

You will also get your hands dirty with a simple constructed wetland and food growing machine. These weekend projects are designed for any novice on a shoe string budget.

This micro wetland will REcycle 21000 litres of waste water to irrigate your organic food as well as flush your loos.

The food machine which you will learn to build from scratch will nurture 100 organic veggies as well as 15 trays of micro greens on a size of a door all fertilised by a worm tower which is fed with your kitchen waste.

Both projects use 1000L recycled flow bins, making them fully mobile - perfect for any rental or tiny home!

Click here to join Alosha's eco community & permaculture in action class

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Comment by Yuri Smirnov on April 15, 2019 at 2:19am

Following the Natural Building & Permaculture in Action Class: Alosha Lynov is answering questions together with David Mauriello - Diamond from Oppenheimer Ranch, please watch the video:
More details here:


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