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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

When I moved to Florida, from the Concrete slabs of New York City, I envisioned a move to a State where wildlife was provided with safe havens......I was so wrong !!! since 1996, I have witnessed how little we as humans, concern ourselves with the protection of our natural resources. To illustrate my concern, I live in an area, which is surrounded by lush forests, and just recently I was appalled to see this Development Company, come in and completely level and destroy a complete section of forest, displacing many birds and small animals. I thought to myself, " Here comes Another Strip Mall or Apt. Complex". After many months, of digging and clearing of trees, the project has been abandoned !!! all the earth moving equipment has been removed, now all that remains is a barren piece of land.

I managed to take a picture of what I found amazing to find in a inner city park, a Deer !! so odd was this, in that I've never seen a deer in this area. This only confirmed to me, how senseless WE are...Displacing animals, from there habitat !!!

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