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Alvin Lee RIP

We have lost yet another famed guitarist,  I saw Alvin Lee and Ten Years After many moons ago at Madison Square Garden, The group blew me away !

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"A Concert for Ronnie Montrose - A Celebration of His Life In Music"

The Bay Area music community is coming together to produce "A Concert for Ronnie Montrose - A Celebration of His Life In Music" for the legendary San Francisco guitarist, who passed away recently. It will be held at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on Friday, April 27. Tickets go on sale on March 30 at 10:00 am.

"A Concert For Ronnie Montrose - A…


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Ronnie Montrose - RIP

I'm saddened to learn that earlier this month, legendary Guitarist Ronnie Montrose passed away.  I'm sure that his guitar playing will always influence up and coming guitarists.

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Vessels of Life

We're all empty vessels, when we're born and through out our lives, we gradually fill this vessel, with life experiences.  I've reached a point in my life, where i'm taking inventory of what I've put in my vessel and to my amazement, I was quite shocked at whats crept into it. 

We all know, we can't rewrite the past, but we can forsee, where we're headed.  For my 3 grown…


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Gary Moore R.I.P.

Today we learned of the passing of famed guitarist Gary Moore, who was an inspiration to many guitarist, including myself, and who's music will always live on !!

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Family Values

I love nostalgia, and looking back at this vintage photo, it reminds me of a life long gone, but still in my heart,  ( That's me, the little guy )being restrained by my Mom.  Long before color film, this is a gathering of family, by the ocean front in Cuba, when times together were so crucial and so much fun.  One thing I've learned in this quest called " Life " that…


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What's Important to You ??? Are You Ready ???

This is in no way preaching nor a religious statement, but What is Important to you today ?, Is it that bank account balance ?? is it what cruise, will I go on this summer ??? or is it what kind of Car, am I driving ??? These are the kinds of thoughts, that race through our minds daily. We go about our lives, worried about what's next on our agenda...but I ask you, Are you… Continue

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Do you see what I see in this picture ?? this is what I see.....Beauty in Creation !! No Races, nor religions, the only boundaries are oceans, that can be crossed....All Mankind under ONE sun, and One God !!

Photo Courtesy of NASA

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Encroaching on Our Wildlife

When I moved to Florida, from the Concrete slabs of New York City, I envisioned a move to a State where wildlife was provided with safe havens......I was so wrong !!! since 1996, I have witnessed how little we as humans, concern ourselves with the protection of our natural resources. To illustrate my concern, I live in an area, which is surrounded by lush forests, and just recently I was appalled to see this Development Company, come in and completely level and destroy a complete section of… Continue

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Homeless Students

As I sat and watched MSNBC and the piece they presented, I was absolutely stunned and heart broken to learn of a " Tidal Wave of Homeless Students " You may say to yourself, Geez, I wonder what country this is happening in ?? Let me tell you, this is happening right here in the United states. I'm giving you the link, so you can view the full article.

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The Forgotten

I could take this opportunity to write a long and detailed Blog entry. But I chose not to, and simply state : " Take a Long Look at This Photo " and YOU tell me, what's important in this World.

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