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What's Important to You ??? Are You Ready ???

This is in no way preaching nor a religious statement, but What is Important to you today ?, Is it that bank account balance ?? is it what cruise, will I go on this summer ??? or is it what kind of Car, am I driving ??? These are the kinds of thoughts, that race through our minds daily. We go about our lives, worried about what's next on our agenda...but I ask you, Are you ready ??? now You're asking yourself .....Ready for what ?? Are you ready to receive news from your doctor, that you have terminal cancer and have weeks to Live !!! Now you tell me, What's important ??? the Cruise, the Car, the money....none of these things really matter anymore, does it ?? But are you ready to face, what lays ahead of you.....We take our mortality for granted...but remember, like all previous generations before us, they are all gone...Remember, you can't take that cruise, or the car, or the money with you.

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Comment by Anayah Joi Holily on February 12, 2011 at 11:36pm

Hello Emilio! 


What a fantastic post .. and what empowering questions for us to ponder, questions I have been giving a lot of care-full thought and attention to.


When I was given the vision of Angel Heart Radio, I also saw myself revealing my authentic self in many, many ways. One of those ways was to speak about the Truth of my life experience, and reveal secrets I had long held tightly to me .. harmful secrets about sexual abuse in my life (In fairness I must state that it did not involve a family member. I have begun to share the secrets.


Wow! What a fantastic opportunity! To speak up, and speak out ... but with Love, Tenderness, and with the sure knowledge that as I have written my own Life Experience Contract, that, again, brings me to the opportunities I have.


One of the things that is important to me is to demonstrate that no matter what has happend in our lives, we are amazing beings of Light, and that our experiences are not to  be ashamed of, and nor are we.


Thanks Emilio, great post!


Love and Blessings




One Family.

Comment by Debra Rincon Lopez on December 7, 2010 at 11:48am

Your so right, we all need to wake up and set our priorities into position. The most important things upfront where they belong and the Unimportant things left in the dust where they belong. We are wasting alot of time & effort on things that mean nothing to us and will do nothing for our families and our healthy lifestyle. I Love your wonderful outlook on life. It's so refreshing and outstanding, Hope we can be friends. DEBRA Rincon LOPEZ in Portland Oregon USA. MAY THE FUTURE PROSPER AS YOU WOULD LIKE IT TO!


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