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It just occurred to me that when I examine myself in my behavior and introspection of self why do I see myself as special or think highly of myself in comparison to others?I seem to have a false sense of humility.It's funny because I have bypassed this conviction of being self important.I complain about bad feelings and enduring suffering when in actuality it is part of the human experience.I don't need to ask why God is allowing this or that to happen or why this is happening to me, when acceptance that God will use a circumstance to produce a desired outcome for my good and His glory.Why do I think I deserve anything from God?All the while complaining about how I feel or what I feel is right concerning my life.Now I know right from wrong but It's my perspective and mentality that's obtuse.In arrogance I think I'm deserving of everything to go my way.When in essence it's my attitude of how I respond to the difficulty I'm experiencing.I try not to question God why He allows things to happen in the injustices in the world, but in my humanity and carnality I just can't seem to understand why God would allow such a thing.I have realized that He is working for good out of the evils that are occurring.He is doing things that we can't even see for His reasons and His purpose in His plan of His will for His creation.He is the author and finisher of our faith, and faith is the precious virtue that He produces in us, it is more precious than silver or gold.I must trust with all my heart that He is in control of working for my good.I am not in control of my life, I don't belong to myself, I belong to Him.He who started a good work in you is able enough to complete it! I realize I can not manage my own life, His way are higher than my ways, His thoughts higher than my thoughts.But our choice is a variable in light of the trial or circumstance that we face, it determines our future.So I turn my will and life over to His care, so that I can get out of the way of myself.He is a masterful craftsman and can turn an ordinary into an exstrordanary thing.What is impossible for man is possible for God.Let us examine our ways and test them and let us return to the Lord.I must swallow the hard truths of myself before I can move toward my destination of my purpose. Lord be a light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet.Jesus said "those who follow me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life." Happy journey my friends, peace and light! 

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Comment by Andrew McDowell on October 18, 2015 at 10:36am

Who is this man who took away the sins of the world? Who is this man that took upon himself the punishment of our sin? Who laid down His life to reconcile the world to Himself? Fulfilling all things in Heaven and earth. Who is this that offers eternal life, and such an intimate Identity, oneness, and union with Himself? He is the Lord Yahshua Meshiah  King of Glory, Lord of Heavenly hosts, light of the world. With all wisdom, knowledge, and pleasures in His right hand forevermore. A love supreme, eternal non-negotiable, unconditional, everlasting love. All his thoughts toward you is peace. "I create the fruit of the lips, peace be to him who is far off, and he who is near." -Jesus

Comment by G. Randy Brown on March 16, 2014 at 7:43pm

Thank you Andrew...impeccable timing for me as I was right in the middle of a pity party when I read really hit the spot...thanks again


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