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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Face to Face

Face to Face With Every Breath,

One to One My soul to God.


The Light is in each Living thing,

The Source a force for us to recall.


Cover me in Your Spirit, Lord

Be my Secret Robe,

Let me live your Purpose

To interact with my true Role.


Face to Face

The Master Speaks to me,

With Constant Lessons

On how to Be.


Spirit alive in a temporary Form,

Begging for the Truth,

And Hiding from what is to come.


So here we live with Lessons,

That happen in every way,

Reminding me to find myself

 Every single day.


And If I take off the mask,

And I remove the robe you’ve given me,

What Face is in it’s Place,

 Do I stand Naked, left with just nothing but to be.


Face to Face I am creation,

Soul to Soul I find we’re One,

Joined with All that’s Living here on earth

Human and God Alive, in spite of how we run.


We can pretend that we don’t know

How great this gift can be

But face to face there is a merging

And when we Merge with God we’re free.


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