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The Song of Creation


Let every Moment be in tune

With the Harmony

That is alive in God’s at one ment.


For the Sound of the Universe runs through all of Life,

It is in the whispers of the Wind,

The Running waters of the Stream,

The song of the Birds callings,

And in The City as it roars with life.

And we can tune in to our soul

To find the vibration that is our Life Force

A Sound, a Harmonic of the One Sound of God.


As we tune in to Life’s sounds,

And our hearts Song,

We become part of the Song of the Universe,

The Song of God’s Creation in Being.


A celebration that is alive

In a wave of appreciation that feeds us,

By the receiving of our Muse.

Which is A shimmering  reflection

of the Music of the Spheres,

God’s great Chorus of Life

Alive within our Souls.


So we give thanks for the Music,

And the Musicians who are in tune

With the source that is their muse,

For In this celebration of Life,

God’s song is alive in the

One sound of Creation,

And we are living that Song.


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