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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Having trained horses for over 40 years I have come to learn that, for a horse, there truly is only fear or trust (feelings of peace and safety). The fear is in not surviving and the trust is that it will. As a horse is a prey animal, eaten by predators, if it senses danger, it continues to move until it feels those all important feelings of safety and trust. By becoming peace bringers to horses (helping it to have feelings of safety and peace) we actually assist ourselves in discovering our own sense of inner peace, love and trust. Having the desire to give the gift of peace to another, we must first find it within ourselves. When we assist a horse in transforming its fear into trust this helps it release its suffering. I think all fear is a form of suffering. Becoming empathytic to another's fear (suffering), whether animal or human, can cause us to have the desire to help the other release those fearful feelings. Becoming peace bringers to others helps bring us back to our own sense of inner peace. Life enrichment through success with horses. Not a bad deal......

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