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First Annual Clear Creek Festival for Peace and Freedom Broadcast on Peace Day TV

The RockPile, at Clear Creek, Winslow Arizona, will be hosting this event.                                                



                                               CONSCIOUS CONTENT MEDIA NETWORK

To: Douglas Kilburg                                                                                              Date: February 1st, 2011

From: Stephen Fantl, Executive Director, Peace Day TV
Phone: 541-306-6467

Re: Broadcasting of the “Festival for Peace and Freedom” Event Date: September 8th – 11th

Dear Douglas,
I am happy to inform you that the Board of Directors has approved your request to have the Festival for Peace and Freedom broadcast and promoted on the Peace Day TV network as part of our September schedule. The Peace Day Player for viewing the broadcast of your festival is available on the official United Nations “Peace Day” site, the home, as well as more than 1,500 other organizational websites around the world. You and your partners may also embed the player on your own websites, blogs, Facebook, and social media sites. We will shortly provide you with access to our virtual studio, instructions for streaming, and assign a project manager to work with you.

September is a special month for Peace Day TV since it coincides with the annual PEACE DAY GLOBAL BROADCAST. Our inaugural 2009 webcast was viewed by two million people and was streamed from more than 100 websites. In 2010 we grew to an additional 1,000 plus organizational websites, increased multiple channels of live feed capabilities, and merged viewers with participants into a dynamic electronic environmental social network. We will be bringing attention of your festival, sponsors, and participants to this audience. In 2011, new collaborators joining efforts to embed the broadcast video player on their websites which will allow us to reach a combined audience base of 200 million globally.

Following your festival we will be carrying the WE Foundation 11 days of Global Unity events, live specials from the United Nations, Millennium Campaign, and Peace Concerts from multiple countries. September 21st, the International Day of Peace, will culminate the month with the airing of the 3rd annual PEACE DAY GLOBAL BROADCAST. The combined September events will increase value to your sponsors while empowering organizations and individuals to participate in your festival from afar.
The entire Peace Day TV looks forward to working with you and your staff.

In Service,
Stephen Fantl

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