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From "I Am" to Realizing Oneness with Everything in Meditation

"'I am' and 'everything is'
are the same.

You may start in meditation with resting in 'I am,'
and feeling your sense of being
that is beyond thinking.

And that may turn into witnessing.

And witnessing may turn into
'everything simply is,'
the sense of no separation
between you and the world.

In this, the sense of 'I am'
has merged into is-ness itself.

That is one way to consider it.

If you are identified with thoughts
then you are identified with being
a 'me' that is separate from this moment.

There is a desperate self importance to it;
the sense 'these thoughts matter.'
And then you are imprisoned by thinking.
Thoughts themselves dictate your experience.
That is true brainwashing.

Without identification with thoughts,
there is no sense of being a separate 'me.'.

And without that sense of separateness,
first you may feel a feeling of simply being.
Then that may open up to a sense of being consciousness itself,
of just witnessing.
And in that witnessing,
there may be a subtle surrender
into is-ness, where everything merges into one existence.

When all is one
then all is peace.

It is just a matter of relaxing your attention
out of your thinking,
out of self importance,
and into the already existing awareness
that is the foundation of this moment.

Allowing this moment to be
and in that allowing
you are no longer involved with the
thinking 'me' and thus you relax back
into your natural state of awareness.

It is very simple, very relaxed.
No controlling or forcing.

But if there are too many thoughts
and you find you are getting too caught up,
you have all the various spiritual practices
and meditation techniques that you can use
to purify the mind and body.

And with enough spiritual & meditation practice,
the power behind your thoughts dissipates
and the awareness that you are becomes
easily realized.

Much love,


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