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How to Attain Witness Consciousnes in Meditation

"There are 4 things required
in order to be able to become
a witness to thoughts.

The first is the full allowing
of thinking to be.

If you try and manipulate thinking
or stop the thinking in any way,
you will not be able to witness it.

It is only in fully allowing thoughts
to naturally happen
like wind blowing through the trees
that you can witness them.

The second is to
stop making thoughts important.
If you place importance on any thought,
it means you are holding on to it.

When you can let go of self importance,
then thoughts simply come and go
without your involvement.

The third is to fully allow yourself
to feel this moment.
Not emotion, not even physical sensation
although that may be there too,
but how it feels to exist in this moment.

If you are no longer thinking this moment,
you will find suddenly you are truly
feeling this moment and it can be intense.

The tendency is to resist this feeling
by jumping back into thinking.

You will see that being involved with thinking
has been a means to escape feeling this moment.

And in order to fully feel this moment,
you have to surrender the 'me' that feels
separate from this moment, that resists this moment.

In the full feeling of this moment
you become one with it.
The sense of separateness dissolves
and there is just consciousness.

The fourth factor is what you
have put into your body & mind.

What you have eaten,
what you have watched,
who you have been around
all creates a lot of noise
and hyperactivity in the mind.

That is why for thousands of years
many yogis retreat
to some cave or hut in the mountains
far away from civilization
and eat and live very simply.

The more pure you can keep
your body and mind,
the easier it will be
to realize the peace & silence
that is the essence
of body and mind.

Much love,


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