Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Tonight, with the Sun in Virgo and a full Moon in Pisces, Intuitive Edward Ragosta joins Chris for an interesting evening of spiritual adventure!

Edward is a Virgo and Chris is a Pisces... so the vibe will be “Cosmic”!!!

Edward grew up in an Italian family, which lead to being raised Catholic... which caused him to gravitate towards the Catholic Saints. He was extremely sensitive as a child. Painfully so, often picking up energy from people and things that he did not understand at all. In 1971 he had an experience of a Saint coming into his bedroom wanting to talk but he was overcome with fear.
So, they (the Saints) cleverly devised to approach him in his dreams while sleeping. A bit later he ran into a man who read Tarot Cards as well as produced Astrology Charts and was told he could do the same if he wished. He immediately picked up The Tarot and also started to study Astrology... but gravitated more towards Tarot because of the visual aspect. Additionally, Edward sees and communicates with souls that have transitioned over to the spirit world!
Join the fun on...

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