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The Astro-Sage

Looking at the Celestial Climate for September 2010...

“In the cave of intuitive wisdom I sit, absorbed in the silent trance of the Primal Void. I have obtained my seat in the heavens.”
~ Sri Guru Granth Sahib ~

Greetings Fellow Travelers!

September arrives and Sol is firmly placed at 9 degrees in the sign of Virgo... while the Winged One, Mercury, continues to retreat backward toward the Sun's warmth. Images of Icarus make the Pilgrim cautious, Mercury in retrograde unravels even the best made plans!

With the late summer shifting of the seasons, this is a month where the chela will observe the beginnings of the disintegration of alignments that have created chaos for nearly a year; the planetary dynamic of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter/Uranus diminishes. Wisdom dictates that an offering of three bowls of rice at the Temple Gate will ensure progress... humility and appreciation of Heaven's support during revolutionary times upholds the common man! Lessons learned will sustain the future evolution of the soul.

Faire Venus and the Warrior, Mars, advance, united as a couple, through the latter half of the House of Libra during September... arriving at their new residence in the House of Scorpio by month's end. Munificent Lord Jupiter and unpredictable Uranus, Emperor of Transformation, join and confer in the last degree of the House of the Fishes... resolving to complete their pact of forced change before year's end, while the Ringed One, Lord Saturn, advances away from his displeasure with their association, as well as the volcanic furnaces of Mighty Pluto.

September 8th sees Venus enter Scorpio and Jupiter return to Pisces as the Goddess of the Night comes to rebirth and embraces Sol in the House of the Virgin. This newing of the Moon holds great potential, seeds planted will come forth as an abundant harvest when winter covers the land with it's year-end celebrations; 2011 will see the pilgrim begin to make progress! Wisdom dictates mindfulness with the potential presented during the cycle of the Harvest Moon.

September 9th through the 10th advances mystical awakening as Mars trines both Neptune, Ruler of the Fishes and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, bringing empathy to those who have cause for guilt... grace is offered for the chela's past inequities.

September 12th calls for a cessation of activity as the Winged One becomes stationary... soon the stress with communication and finance will be resolved as Mercury advances direct! Plans that were unfilled can now be forwarded as the cycle of break-down closes.

September 13th and 14th continues the restoration of gain as Pluto comes direct and Mars advances to join Venus in Scorpio. The continued courtship of the Damsel and the Warrior is enhanced by Jupiter's union with Uranus on the 18th of September... and preparation is made for the equinox, soon to arrive!

September 21st sees Lord Jupiter at his mightiest, in opposition to Earth, he will be closest to mankind. September 22nd brings the beginning of Harvest Home and Autumn arrives as Sol progresses into Libra, igniting the Scales. Additionally, Uranus at opposition will be closest to Earth, following the lead of Jovial Jove! All of this advancing energy is celebrated with the fulling of the Moon in early Aires on the night of the 23rd... and the Goddess ascends the horizon in golden glory, ruling the night! Soon the winds will be shifting and dry leaves will rustle over pumpkins coming ripe in the field.

On the last day of September the Sun will conjunct Saturn and the Lord of Discipline will finish his task of restraint... that which has been learned during the 2 ½ years past is incorporated as the Pilgrim decides which new path to pursue!

September is a month of resolution and completion... and while future configurations of the Heavenly Orbs will occasionally cast shadows of the past, the learned traveler will recognize patterns and be ready to advance unscathed. Wisdom comes with the recognition that, in truth, there is nothing new under the Sun~ yet the pleasure of all of one's days is companion to us as we make our way Home. We can break the Wheel of Repetition and carry all the Love that we both make and take... forward into Eternity!

BlessingsLight&Love from the Celestial Ashram

In humble recognition of our shared Divinity

The AstroSage

"The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast

The slow one now

Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is
Rapidly fadin'.
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.”
~ Bob Dylan ~

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