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"The nature of truth
is that it cannot be an idea.
Truth is free and beyond all ideas.

Any words attributed to it
already discolor it.

So in order to realize the truth,
one must go beyond all ideas,
even the idea of a 'me,'
for the 'me' if you really look
is also an idea.
It arises as a thought.

This does not discount
teachings on how to get to the truth.
Teachings may start as an idea.

The teaching may be 'watch your breath'
or 'give your full attention to repeating this mantra'
and just by practicing that,
it takes you beyond all ideas.
That is the purpose of the practice:
not to give you a set of ideas
to carry around with you and judge others,
but to give you direction.

We are drawn to ideas,
to holding on to ideas
because they build us up.
They give the ego,
that sense of 'me' a sense of empowerment.

But when you immerse yourself
in whatever technique or teachings you practice,
when you receive Shakti,
then all ideas of who you think you are
and what you know start to fall apart.

Even your ideas of what is truth
must fall apart.

And when you let everything crumble away
that can crumble,
what is left is truth.

If there is a 'me' and the truth,
if there are 2 things there, it is not truth.

When it has all been reduced
to one or none
then that has to be truth.

Because nothing can be reduced further than that.

Even the word 'reducing' is misleading
because if you are actively trying to reduce
then there is a 'me' there hiding behind the act
of reducing.

So that reducing must happen on its own.
You relax into the essence of this moment.
You may start off with a technique
but the technique is just like getting on a train.
You may get on the train, but the train
takes you to where you are going.

You can and should
take all the steps you can towards truth.

But it is only when everything is surrendered
truth is revealed.

And then that truth is seen
in everything.

Much love,


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