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Meditation is Giving 100% of Yourself to This Moment

"Meditation is giving yourself
100 percent to this moment.

If you give yourself 100 percent
to this moment,
then there is no you and this moment,
there is only this moment;
there is only bliss consciousness.

This goes not just for sitting meditation
but for doing anything.
If you are washing the dishes
and your attention is resting 100 percent
in the moment, in awareness,
then that is meditation
and the action itself is bliss.

It is not concentration,
but rather a full surrender
of concentration.

In that full surrender,
the action of doing the dishes happens.
You are not washing the dishes,
Shakti, the universal energy of consciousness
is washing the dishes as the dishes, as everything.
You feel Shakti animating your body.

There is no involvement with thinking about it,
no involvement with thinking about something else.
There is just the full surrender
into what simply is.

Then when the dishes are done,
there is no thinking about it.
That whole experience has burned away.

If you are 100 percent immersed
in the moment,
what happened before
is completely gone,
what may happen later does not exist.

Which is not to say your attention
is focused on the content of this moment.
But rather your attention rests in its natural state
of transcendent universal consciousness.

And that consciousness is beyond time,
beyond content.

In that immersion,
there is only consciousness.
It is all bliss.

Give part of your attention to doing the dishes
and the other to thinking about something,
then the mind is scattered,
energy is wasted.

But fully resting in the backdrop
that is consciousness
uses no energy.
Rather it enlivens you,
it enlivens everything.

Everything is felt to be radiating bliss
as the one bliss consciousness.

You poke holes in a lampshade
and all of the individual holes
are radiating the same light.

The holes are not doing anything,
the one light simply shines through
because its nature is to shine.

Much love,


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