Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The Harvest


Harvest the Seeds of God’s Love

That were Planted here on Earth

In the Christ consciousness in being.


For God’s Love hold’s the Frequency

In the Vibration of Christ Consciousness.

Uniting Light and man, humans being

Alive in God’s Love.

Humans in tune

with the Frequency of the Trinity.

And the unity of God and man

Born through the Holy Spirit,

And Resurrecting huMan through Love

 back to God through the Christ.


The seeds of the love Planted

Now can be harvested to bring a higher

Consciousness to Humankind.

This Earth, this Life, this Blessings of Being,

Working together to lead the way from

Darkness to light, from sorrow to Joy ,

From hatred to Love,

From Death to immortality .


And now is the time for the Ones who serve

The energy of God’s love to carry hear the Calling

And reap the harvest.

in the Glorious rays of God’s transforming light of Love.


For we are the Harvest of the Seeds planted by God’s love

And we can share in the Abundance,

And we can give thanks for the grace of Spirits’

Gift within us of God’s eternal Light and Love .



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