Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The petals of God’s sweet Love


Come now to the Love

that Understands Sweet Compassion,

Smile on the hard hearts that have felt so much pain.


Pour the petals from the Blossoms of the One Flower

From the Garden of God’s secret Sanctuary over your soul.

Let them fall upon the very essence of your being,

Let them shower you as a gift from heaven,

A blessing that pulls the curtain away

To allow the goodness in life

To be shown as the Way to Life’s resolution.

For in each Heart is a Secret Prayer

For God’s Grace of Forgiveness and Love.


Let that Prayer now be answered

So you may you receive God’s Love.

Let the Petals From the Fragrant Flower

Of God’s Creation Baptize you,

As you Let down your defenses

Built of pain and disappointment,

So the Innocence of Your Original Dream is Redeemed.


For in the Love you hold in your inmost being

Is the Fulfillment of all you hoped for and more.

All that you have searched for and More.

For you have dwelled in the Garden of Heaven

And you have known the secrets of the Universe.

And you have Yearned for the love that is there.


So hush now the raging Storms of the Mind.

And open the door of the Heart to Gods sweet Love.

Find the Flower from Whence the precious petals come .

And Breathe in the Divine Spirit of God into your Being.

Into your very Presence and all of your life

And Know God’s Infinite Love alive in You,

Now and Always, until the end of time.

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