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Dwell in Peace


Dwell in peace,

For in the ease of Just being in peace,

Is a center of Strength

That is secure and Sustainable.


Take a moment to be free of trying

Free of stress, and free of fear,

And Just be at ease in peace.


Experience the Stillness that is a Resource

For our souls pure energy.

A stillness that can float

Even  amidst the raging waters of the world.

Experience the stillness that is a Resource

For mind, body and soul,

That holds the pure energy of our Soul.


Dwell in the precious Peace Within.

A peace that is beyond the cage of Control

A peace that dissolves the Insanity of illusions

Built by seeking, acquiring the best , better and always more.


So Stop , be Still,

And come to the exquisite center of you being.

Be still and find the Peace that passeth all understanding.

Dwell in this perfect peace

And allow your self to just BE.


Breathe in this Peace,

And Let go of all the Illusions,

Let go of the trying,

Let go of all Stress,

And be at Peace

Dwell in Peace,

And in this moment of peace

Be still and know I am God.

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